Thursday, May 21, 2020

New Screenwriting Tricks for Authors video: Act I checklist!

From the Calendar of Canceled Cons:

Today I would have been in the Scottish Borders, teaching Screenwriting Tricks for Authors at the Borders Writing Forum. I had other workshops scheduled this year in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and L.A. That’s a lot to miss out on!

I guess it’s no wonder I started doing videos of the workshop instead.

I’ve just finished the tenth video, an Act One Elements Checklist, and we’ve worked through all the essential story elements of Act I. Each video is just about 10 minutes long, with exercises that will take 15-20 minutes of your time and get you writing that book or script you’ve always wanted to write - and watching great movies that will inspire you to get it done.
At this rate, we’ll all have those books finished in no time!
Even writing full time on the first book in my new series, I’m managing one video a week, with many more to come. There was a steep learning curve with the editing software, and some of the equipment I could really use is still on backorder because of excessive demand in these days of Zoom - everything. Also I was sick for weeks, most likely with the thing, so doing anything productive is a minor miracle.
But I’ve finally realized that getting the workshop fully recorded is like writing a book. You just do one chapter at a time until it’s done. Right? Eventually you reach a state of critical mass where the book is more real than not real, and you can’t imagine not finishing. 
Here’s the Introduction:

And here’s the very fevery Lesson #1.
If you’ve been keeping up, here’s the new one, an Act One Elements Checklist.
Each next video should play after the one you’re watching is finished, and these first ten will get you all the way through your own Act I.
This week I’m also sending out a newsletter with a very detailed breakdown of Act I of The Hunger Games, demonstrating all the essential story elements that we’ve been going through. If you’re on my Screenwriting Tricks mailing list you’ll get that automatically. If you get notifications from me through this blog, you may need to sign up for the STFA list to get those bonus materials. Don’t worry, you won’t get double notifications! 
And of course, you can always get the full course from the workbooks, links below! 
In the meantime, stall safe and well! Craig and I are in lockdown in Scotland until the end of the month, when a couple of restrictions may be eased. I’m really grateful to have a First Minister who’s taking all precautions, with empathy and compassion. It makes all the difference in the world.
-        Alex


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