Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The PRINT workbook of Screenwriting Tricks for Authors, STEALING HOLLYWOOD, is out now! I know some of you have been waiting for this one for practically ever – well, it’s completely worth the wait!  

The workbook is gorgeous, inside and out, and the 8 X 10 textbook format means it lies open beautifully for highlighting and scribbling in the margins.

$3.99 ebook, $14.99 print textbook - all the material from my workshops and on this blog, and much much more.

Print book US

Print book   all countries

e book

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For UK writers - 

I’m very excited to be teaching one of the writing Master Classes for the Bloody Scotland crime writing festival next month, along with the brilliant Denise Mina, one of my all-time favorite authors and a major inspiration for my Huntress Moon thrillers.

You can sign up for classes here:  Master Classes  - or follow along with class homework on my blog!

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