Thursday, May 29, 2014

Huntress Moon book club discussion questions

- The story begins with Agent Greer's death and Roarke witnessing the mysterious blond woman in a turtleneck. What were your early conjectures about her? Were you believing her to be a paid assassin?

- Roarke seemed to have an unusual connection to this mystery woman from the onset. What do you think of this phenomenon? Is it limited to just the Huntress, in your opinion?

- When did you begin to see a connection between the victims?

- Connecting the victims to the Huntress required some intricate procedural work. What was your opinion of the work overall? Was the team ahead of you or were you ahead of them?

- The only murder by the Huntress that we as readers witnessed from her perspective was that of the trucker at the rest stop. What are your thoughts about this?

- Were you ever concerned that Mark Sebastian was a potential target of the Huntress? His son Jason? Why or why not?

- The Huntress appeared to have a strong, affectionate relationship to Jason. Do you think she has feelings for Mark?

- Why do you thin the Huntress spared Mark Sebastian’s ex-wife and killed her dealer/pedophile boyfriend instead?

- Preacherman was the only victim (that we know of) that does not appear to have had a sexual predator connection. How do you think he got on the Huntress’ radar?

- When did you begin to suspect that the Huntress had a specific method or mission to her killings?

- Do you believe the Huntress and Roarke have a unique bond?

- We learn that Cara/Leila is an avenger and her victims to date were predators of a sort. What are your feelings about what she’s done? What do you feel should be done with her if she’s captured?

- Roarke appears to have somewhat complex feelings about Cara. Has he lost his perspective, or is he dealing with an unusual/paranormal connection, or something else? Explain your rationale.

- Do you believe you know all there was to know about Agent Greer’s role in the human trafficking business? Do you believe he had crossed the line in his undercover work? Why or why not?

- Why do you think the Huntress set Greer’s death up to look like an accident when the others’ deaths were done more brutally and covertly? Do you think she knew he was an undercover agent?

- What is your opinion of Matthew Roarke? Do you believe he will be drawn back to the BAU and profiling?

- What is your opinion of Roarke and Epps as a team?

- The story ends with Cara still at large and Roarke determined to find her. How do you feel about this cliffhanger approach?

- Do you see a potential romantic connection between Roarke and Cara?

- How would you rate the book as a mystery? Did you have sufficient clues to help you in your ongoing deductions?

- Were there any standout moments in this story?

- What’s your overall opinion of the book? Do you plan to continue the series with Blood Moon and Cold Moon?

       Discussion questions by Jonetta, The Book Nympho

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